Close your eyes & picture yourself looking out of a window up into a sky full of stars...As you do, one of them begins to come closer and show you a vision of your past...You see your first born and your heart warms!  Out of the corner of your eye you see another star coming your way and it shows you your child's 1st birthday and as you stand there in awe at how sweet those memories are all the other stars start coming your way showing you every sweet memory about that time. That vision and those feelings are what birthed Mis Dulce Recuerdos. Because, we all have those nostalgic moments that make us desire the ability to extend our hand out and bring them back….


We all have past lives and within that past there are weddings, graduations, promotions, achievements and passings that need to be celebrated and what better way to celebrate them than with an actual photo charm!  Mis Dulce Recuerdos photo charms can be designed to showcase a generational timeline.  They can show the world around you your passion, be it, sports, dance, animals, profession or family.  


The unique thing of an MDR Charm is that instead of having a little medal soccer ball, the MDR charm can have the actual photo of you or your child holding that soccer ball and better yet “the trophy!”  Yes, there are numerous charms out there that can cost you a pretty penny, but just because you paid a lot of money for the trendy charm, it does not mean that when you look at it years later it will promote the same emotion it did the first time you saw it… Mis Dulce Recuerdos, (my sweet memories) photo charms will be the charm to take you right there and then…to the moment!  


All of our jewelry is handmade specifically for you, making your special piece a one of a kind.  Together we will bring your sweet memories into little window charms that can include whimsical pops to all your sweet remembrances.   The jewelry designs are very pretty, but the extra sugar on the sweet candy.... the actual jewels are the photo charms, that are lovingly designed, color corrected and beautifully encased in resin making them water/moister resistant and bigger than life in beauty. Those memories are what makes our hearts feel and emotions stir. 


So, go into that OLD box and or suitcase of pictures and find the memory that brings back that smile, that warmth in your heart and let Mis Dulce Recuerdos design a piece just for you!  


A picture is worth a thousand words and more.  Let us bring that memory to life, because your journey and those in your journey are worth the celebration.


Mis Dulce Recuerdos’s mission is to encourage you to LOVE, LIVE and REMEMBER  those proud moments…. because...

“Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”


Mis Dulce Recuerdos!

Thank you for stopping by.  

Mercy Vasquez Harrison

Founder, Owner & Your Jewelry Designer.